Spring Camping # 002

It would be good for them to grab work gloves. Do not wet or stain the main gloves or mittens: keep them to put them on your hands at night. Equipment begins with a backpack. The usual backpack is perhaps the best. It is not as large as the "Abalakovo", but also quite roomy. It is firmly sewn from low-moisture green fabric and lies comfortably on the back. Of course, the so-called easel backpacks having a metal frame are even more convenient. But with one-day sorties, you can limit yourself to a small ("pioneer") backpack. It is important that the load is behind, and hands are free. When laying a simple backpack, put soft things to the back, and put heavy things (for example, canned goods) down. Remember that the backpack may get wet from below, so do not put down such things that are especially harmful to dampness. Fold things compactly so that nothing shifts, does not rattle, and does not jingle when walking. Be sure to adjust the length of the backpack straps so that it lies comfortably on your back so that the straps do not cut your shoulders. We advise you to have matches packed in your pocket so that they do not become damp, a little salt and an individual package. These things should be in the backpack all the time. Even with a day trip, take a towel and a bar of soap with you.

It is convenient to put a towel in a pocket or the valve of a backpack. Nice to wash your face and hands after a tiring transition! And when working with photographic equipment, clean hands are simply necessary. On a long trip, you should take a toothbrush with a paste, a towel for your feet. A knife in the forest is necessary - they will peel potatoes and cut branches. For early Sunday excursions, take a thermos with hot coffee or tea. Just do not brew tea directly in a thermos, this makes it lose its taste. Pour already brewed tea into a thermos. For long trips you need to have a bowler hat. An army style is convenient for one or two people. A spoon, a mug and a bowl are needed. It is better to take a spoon from stainless steel: it does not heat up as much as aluminum, and it is easier to wash. For the same reasons, the mug and bowl are better enameled. Be sure to bring a notebook and a simple soft pencil with you. Good when you have a map. If you cannot take a map with you, you need to copy the route diagram. Do not think that if you have a compass and a map it is impossible to get lost - as in any business, you need experience and practice. Train in determining the cardinal points, your location, route, and the like. Of course, a compass is indispensable. Simple conversations, erotic shows, virtual sex in private – that's what you can get here. Men choose beauties, write messages and get satisfaction. Visit to web cam girls The hottest Russian girls, couples, lesbians have sex on camera, show a show and just communicate completely live. See porn live every day! Be polite, do not be harsh, you can pre-ask her in free chat what she does and what she does not do in private chat. It's worth knowing before you go.

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