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After the first videos of the new Gearbox creation appeared on the Web , many fans of the Aliens universe were seriously excited. Still - we were shown the familiar creatures from James Cameron (James Cameron) place: ship Colonial Marines "Sulak" intricate corridors and Hadley's Hope colony rainy neighborhood. As the main characters, they promised a whole detachment of marines, and not just a single soldier, as was the case in the games of the Aliens vs. series Predator. The squeak of a motion sensor, the crackle of shots of an impulse rifle, the decorated "armor" of the Marines, aliens, always unexpected and deadly - everything is just like in the film. Another variation of the marines and xenomorphs, which has already become a cult, promises a careful attitude to the original, without any Predators and other heresies. Colonial Marines was positioned by developers as a direct continuation of the second part of the franchise with sworn promises to transfer the unique atmosphere of the film into the game.

True, it took a long time to wait. The release of new “Aliens” was postponed more than once, it even reached rumors about the freezing of the project. Play the best friv games web-site online. The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal. But nothing happened - five years after the first announcement of the Colonial Marines finally got to the shelves, where the militants quickly began to pull away the xenomorphs who were stupid from expectation by all available means.

As we all remember, the events of the second film ended with the Marines showing Elk Ruzley’s kuzkin’s mother to all the strangers on the surface of the LV-426, having shot enough from smartguns and pulse rifles, blew up the atmospheric installation of Nadezhda Hadley and finally threw the xenomorph uterus out into the open space. After that, the four survivors with a calm soul went to sleep in suspended animation, straight to the not so funny events of the third part.

At the colonial marines, which, I recall, was strongly advertised as an ideological continuation of “Aliens”, the developers from the very beginning show that they, in all appearances, put some other meaning into the words about “caring for the original”. Corporal Hicks, the final part of the film who was unconscious due to wounds, here transmits to Earth an entry in which he cheerfully reports on the unsuccessful operation and asks for help. The ship of the colonial marines "Sephora", which arrived to the rescue, discovers the "Sulako" in orbit LV-426, although, as we all know, by this time he had already left this star system. Looking ahead, I’ll say that the colony Nadezhda Hadley almost did not suffer from a powerful explosion, which was supposed to smash everything to shreds. It’s clear that the authors took such a step in order to please the fans of the universe with a walk through recognizable places, but the rationale for this decision turned out to be very clumsy and looks far-fetched. It’s good that none of the heroes of the film was resurrected. Almost…

All plot inconsistencies temporarily recede into the background, you just have to start the passage of the campaign. The first impression is a slight bewilderment: the graphics in the game look, to put it mildly, somewhat outdated. Maybe it's in the settings? No, there are all the sliders at maximum, but ACMNevertheless, it continues to frighten with blurry textures and faded paints. Moreover, if you look at the footage from an old demo, where the developers showed a small excerpt from the passage of the campaign, you can see with the naked eye that the graphics in the “demo” are much better than the disgrace that can be seen in the release. Why it happened, who is to blame for this, whether they will tighten the picture with patches - no one has yet received answers to these questions from the creators of the game. Okay, forget about the schedule. In the end, even an action movie can be pulled to an acceptable level through competent design and thoughtful gameplay - with due diligence, of course.

One of the first encounters with xenomorphs. Together with a partner, we shoot ourselves from strangers who crawl along the walls and ceiling, trying to get closer. One of the creatures jumps to the floor and, waving its claws and tail, runs straight to me, not paying attention to obstacles. In the literal sense, a xenomorph briskly runs through the railing of a ladder, and then “leaks” through a marine shooting at it. Such alien ghosts are not uncommon here, and our partners, apparently, know about the console team "noclip", using it in order not to push the main character and not to cling to each other once again.

The fact that the opponents make it the player’s priority goal, as if not noticing the other marines, is no less annoying. However, here the theory of high intelligence of aliens is once again confirmed - in fact, they understand that they will not succeed in killing partners. The maximum is to knock down, for a while, leaving us without support. Although there is little sense from colleagues, it’s not difficult to fight without them: strangers take in quantity, preferring to swipe ahead, getting up to full height and freezing for a second - apparently, it was more convenient to shoot at the grinning face. There is no talk of any cunning maneuvers, rapid jumping from the ceiling behind the back and other tricks, therefore the battles here are too easy - if there are enough rounds, then there is nothing to worry about. Separately, it is worth mentioning a very clumsy implementation of the alien movement. If inAliens vs. Predator (2010) they moved like lizards, reminiscent of what we saw in the films, here strangers are jumping along the corridors like horses - the animation of their run resembles a gallop. Such are the ponies.

And strangers are not fighting better. Or maybe the marines this time got some “pumped” - they boldly converge with a single xenomorph in hand-to-hand combat and most often get out of such a battle by the winners (with the help of the notorious QTE, where without it). Well, they didn’t add the animation of pulling out the jaw of the enemy with their bare hands.

Of course, such a disgrace (and this is far from all the jambs of the developers) has a very significant effect on immersion in the game world. You will only be able to feel like a hero of the second “Aliens” during your travels in Hope Hadley. Those who are not familiar with the filmCameron , they don’t understand at all that ACM has something for which you can spend your time on it.

As the campaign progresses, every self-respecting fan of the universe has many questions for the creators of Colonial Marines . Most of these issues are unlikely to be censored, but the general meaning of all of them boils down to one: “How could you bastards be able to?”

And the truth is that there has not been a similar gap between promises and their implementation for a long time. As far as everything was beautiful in the videos and diaries of the developers, the final result looks just as unsightly. Waiting for almost Brothers in Arms tactics- get brainless marines, extras, which can not be given a single order. Welding-cutting doors to create barricades in the path of an avalanche of xenomorphs? There is, but only at the request of the scriptwriter on linear levels-guts, which can be taken along a single route. The motion sensor, an excellent tool for boosting voltage, is used here only to modestly squeak when a new enemy appears nearby - I do not remember that there was a need to use this tool for its intended purpose. I'm not talking about the fact that allies are marked with separate marks on the sensor. Another “original” gameplay find - Weyland-Yutani corporation mercenaries will be as enemies at half levels, and you will have to fight with them almost more than with the original enemies of the Marines.

Further - more: the alien’s acid blood almost doesn’t burn, the main character is an invulnerable superman who can kick a stranger a couple of meters to the side with a kick of his leg. But the creators of ACM have added several new types of aliens, in a creative frenzy even thinking of ... blind kamikaze xenomorphs. Authors of comic books like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Against Aliens” (there are some) nervously smoke on the sidelines. However, almost all other creatures seem to be an absurd parody of those death machines that gave the marines a light in the film almost twenty years ago. Thin-armed, flimsy in appearance - no feelings, except squeamish pity, these victims of interplanetary dystrophy can not cause, not to mention some kind of fear or stress.

Add to all this “splendor” the plot that, as you progress through the campaign, it’s more and more like nonsense, with the ending matching some kind of cheap trash. The game, despite the long development period, was urgently completed in the last few months before release, throwing away everything that the hands did not reach. Hands did not reach, as it turned out, almost everything.

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