Holidays in Tunisia

Holidays in Tunisia is a warm and very affectionate Mediterranean Sea, as well as magnificent and beautiful snow-white beaches.

This country attracts many tourists due to its temperate Mediterranean climate. In almost all seasons, the weather here is always smooth and warm, and without the sweltering heat.

Tunisia is also a country with a bright, diverse and colorful world of the East, the neighborhood of real life and legends, the bustle of a modern city, as well as the amazing silence of ancient buildings.

A joint family vacation in Tunisia is a real pleasure, since almost every member of the family will always be able to find something to their liking. For example, you can easily learn scuba diving, or take a fascinating journey through the endless Mediterranean Sea, or you can ride an Arabian horse or meet the dawn in the Sahara, sunbathe on the beach while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Holidays in Tunisia, prices for almost miraculous thalassotherapy, service and maintenance can surprise almost any tourist. Tunisia's main attraction for many years remains the Sahara desert, which strikes with sand dunes, as well as amazingly picturesque oases, lakes and various tropical plants.

Holidays in Tunisia with children are also very comfortable and the most modern hotels, surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks.

Also, there are many remains of ancient cities, temples, aqueducts, fortresses and forts. Thanks to these attractions, a vacation in Tunisia can be considered a great opportunity to get acquainted with a huge number of various museums and monuments. In Tunisia is the famous Carthage, erected by the Phoenicians, and later destroyed by the Romans.

During a vacation in Tunisia with children it is impossible not to visit Carthage, which is considered the oldest capital of this state.

 Carthage was considered the richest and most influential city, even, one might say, a powerful power of antiquity. The main part of Carthage can be called temples, theaters, baths, which belong to the Roman era. The cost of such a wonderful vacation in Tunisia will delight any tourist who dreams of an inexpensive, but very high-quality and interesting vacation.

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