Silent Hill: Book of Memories: Kizi Overview

A series of abuse of Silent Hill has led to the fact that today no one takes the new games in the series seriously. Even the fans. They can no longer be convinced that the appearance of a classic, correct, truly Japanese interactive story about a ghost town is still possible. Honestly, we no longer believe in this. Play today at the best kizi games on the site. Therefore, the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memoriesreacted extremely calmly. Yes, in this game there is absolutely no previous spirit of the series. But there is another, more driving, poppy and parasitic on the basic tenets of the universe. We do not exclude that many gamers will like the new option. True, most likely, in the lists of such fans there will not be a single person who had spent evenings with Harry Mason, Heather Mason, James Sunderland, or even with the journalist Henry.

If you learn that Book of Memories is not Silent Hill at all , but a game of a slightly different genre that exploits the familiar aesthetics of the oppressive world of the dead, then everything will be all right. Konami has released for the PlayStation Vita handheld console its own analogue of “Cabin in the Forest”. The film, we recall, is a "skit" of all the cult heroes of thrillers and horror films of the last forty years. And in the portable "Silent Hill" there are all the characters and attributes of the Silent Hill games . From the inimitable Pyramid Head to the Negro Postman. The latter here is still listed as a dealer in epic weapons.

Suppose the plot in a game for a portable console is not the point. It’s difficult, you know, to keep track of what two talking heads on the screen gossip about when they pinch you in the morning subway on the way to work. But why is Silent Hill ? For what? Why do we have to put up with an isometric view, bang branded plush hares crowds of enemies and collect bonuses for improvements?

Sorry, the cry of the soul turned out. And now, in fact, about the "Book of Memories." Any game with role-playing processes begins with character generation. Get ready, Silent Hill fansbecause she is here. The variety of clothes, hairstyles, baubles and other, I'm sorry, craps are confusing and makes you once again look at the box from the memory card with the game. It will turn out of your character to make yourself a completely unique “pepper”. Given the fact that the project was originally honed for multiplayer, it is a natural, albeit not binding decision. In addition to the existing tuning "body kits", we are still given a choice of five classes. There is a dude, athlete, goth, metalhead and geek. When you run in the company of the same disguised evil fighters of evil spirits, you will definitely not get lost in the crowd. Moreover, your unique taste is sure to be noticed.

When you're done with character generation, welcome to the crazy club. You will be given the very “Book of Memories”, and after it begins - the ongoing action. We take in our hands a more powerful weapon - and forward. We go into the room, beat the bloodied nurse on the face, beware of babies, we go to especially exotic freaks from behind and fight again. Is it time to replenish the stock, update the arsenal? Welcome to the same postman who, in the best traditions of the Resident Evil 4 trader , always has everything at hand.

The design of locations is very interesting. Bloodied walls, creepy rooms with numerous doors, shelves and barrels with tables, forests without leaflets on trees - in short, a complete set. The levels are full of traps. Some slow down your movement, turning it into an easy target for thick moons and other mutants. And in another case, you should be wary of any pins popping out of the floor. But branded puzzles you will not find in the Book of Memories.

There are many weapons in the game, extremely many. Of the most interesting, I would like to mention the cleaver of the butcher, chainsaw and electric guitar. This is from the cold. Among the "firearms" the ball is ruled by a machine gun and a flamethrower. Some options can be combined in simultaneous use.

A showdown with the “bosses” is not difficult for you. Heather’s multi-stage battle with the final “spider-head”, in which you had to dodge a lot, be smart, is not about the “Book of Memories”. Local bad guys are recommended to starve. This is where the multiplayer will come in handy. The ability to work in a team the game will encourage, yes. Two are distracting, the rest are tinkering with what urine is. In general, it’s fun, but not for long - the multiplayer will have time to get bored faster than the battery of your beloved Vita.

There is also some semblance of secondary tasks. Well, this is the case when you get bored of collecting levels of paper with memories. Some monsters can bail you, say, a dog. Guide it through the level and leave it safe and sound - get a powerful artifact or weapon. Soak the Pyramid Head (oh yes!) - here's another candy.

It is worth noting the most impressive result. Before us is a high-speed action about the extermination of monsters hailing from the Silent Hill universe . Not a survival horror about a sick imagination and about puzzles for the most attentive and inquisitive. Honestly, it's time to leave the series alone.

Pros: recognizable attributes of the universe; Pyramid-headed; "Customization" of characters, allowing in multiplayer not to get lost among their own kind.
Cons: belonging to the action movie genre, which weakly fits with the Silent Hill universe ; monotony of riddles and not the most impressive level architecture.

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