Review of Hero Siege, Call to Arms, Overlord and Magicka

Hero siege

Slasher with elements of role-playing game (character improvement and item equipment). Here we are offered a choice of several characters with their sets of skills, as well as battles in closed locations which are essentially arenas. In the arena, you need to fight off a dozen waves of enemies and kill the boss at the end, after which you will have access to a new location, and in the future a different level of difficulty.

Call to arms

Real-time strategy, where the emphasis is on the battle process itself, and not on the construction of the base. Each combat unit is a separate equipment and ammunition, that is, you can see the inventory of any unit and pick up weapons from a killed ally. The microcontrol of units plays an important role here, since there is a large tactical component, the infantry uses shelters, hides in bushes, houses, each unit has its own viewing angle and the technique is usually more blind, but also very formidable. Houses can be destroyed, trees. The emphasis of the game is on PvP, but there is also the opportunity to play against bots. An interesting strategy + you can try it for free, so we definitely recommend it.


Action strategy in real time. In this game we play for a new one who was elevated to the status of Lord. In the game, we can deal with all dishonesty on our own, or in order not to get our hands dirty, manage our servants, but our servant is not very smart, so we have to go with them and see that they obey our orders. In the game, we can be a noble lord, or a tyrant who cuts everyone out. On one gameplay and game plot, this is not very much affected, you are simply given the choice to act as you please. Under our leadership there will be 4 types of servants with their own characteristics, but at the beginning of the game we will only have one available, we will have to look for others ourselves, as if this would not be desirable. The world is relatively open, divided into locations between which we can move, but without the presence of certain types of servants, we cannot pass obstacles. The plot is interesting, especially with the addition that comes after the completion of the main plot. Enemies are quite diverse, also during the passage there will be simple puzzles, and in addition also mini games.


A cooperative game with the possibility of passing the story company, in the game we play as a magician who has 8 elemental elements, the combination of which creates various spells. There are both attacking and defensive, as well as support spells (healing spells and spells of rebirth), the game has allied fire, which forces players to use spells more accurately.

The gameplay depends on the game mode, it can be a fight in the arena or a cooperative campaign, during the game, players need to actively combine elements to create spells, game dynamics and stressful situations lead to the player making a mistake in creating a spell and this can lead to various funny or not so moments. But death in a cooperative game is not as scary as it seems, because the combination of the spell "revival" of the fallen ally is very simple, so you can have some fun during the game.

Dynamic gameplay, fun co-op, a large number of magic combinations and stressful situations, as well as interaction between players. $5 minimum deposit casino

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