Microblading is a way for beautiful and even eyebrows forever

Microblading is a permanent makeup for eyebrows that has become more and more popular in recent years. How much does this procedure cost and how long does the effect last? When is microblading best suited?

Microblading - beautiful eyebrows around the clock

Beautiful and symmetrical eyebrows are a very important element of makeup. Some theories even say that they determine to the greatest degree the appearance of the whole face. Indeed, sometimes even a gentle eyebrow make-up makes us look much better, and our beauty becomes more expressive.

Unfortunately, daily eyebrow makeup is a rather time-consuming task. Although over time we usually train, many women do not have the patience to paint this part of the face every day. In addition, we are not always satisfied with the results of our own work. Fortunately, permanent eyebrow makeup, i.e. microblading, comes in handy.

Microblading - for whom?

This procedure is becoming an increasingly popular solution among women. This is not only a way to save time during morning makeup, but also look much better. Because thanks to this, our eyebrows will be smoothed every day. And it is well known that not all of us succeed in everyday cosmetics.

Microblading - for whom is this treatment?
Women who draw eyebrows every day. Women are allergic to any ingredients in eyebrow cosmetics. Women who have lost eyebrows (for example, after chemotherapy - in such cases, the procedure is performed only six months after healing).

It is also a very practical and convenient solution for women who regularly play sports. It is known that during physical exertion, makeup begins to gradually drain. Therefore, thanks to the permanent makeup of eyebrows, such ladies do not have to worry about such problems.

Microblading - contraindications

However, there are several important contraindications for this procedure. Who should refuse (or temporarily refuse) permanent eyebrow makeup?
Pregnant Ladies Women are allergic to lidocaine and adrenaline. Some diseases are also a contraindication. These include:
epilepsy psoriasis hemophilia thyroid disease (in this case, a doctor’s consultation is recommended)

It is important to note that in case of treatment of any other disease or recently performed procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine, consult a specialist before permanent eyebrow makeup.

Microblading in a year - how long does the effect last?

From the pages of most offices offering such services, we learn that makeup lasts up to two years. In practice, most often it is only one year. So, if we get used to the eyebrows, which are constantly dyed, after some time other expenses await us. However, this situation also has a definite plus - when we are bored with such cosmetics, we are not doomed to such a view for a very long period. levitra est il dangereux https://www.acheter-levitra.net/levitra-generique.html levitra paiement paypal

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