Mass Effect: Andromeda - Completing quests on the planet Elaaden: Explore the remnants remaining on Elaaden No. 1

How to unlock: Complete the Parlay quest with the krogan [Elaaden].

This page contains information about the investigation of the remaining balance. This is one of the Heleus quests (side quests) in Mass Effect: Andromeda that you can start while exploring the planet Elaaden. To unlock this mission, you must complete the Parlay mission with the krogan. This is one of the longest missions on Elaaden.

Destination Unlock

To unlock the mission, you must complete another, Parlay. This quest becomes available immediately after completing a second conversation with a krogan named Yorgal Strucks.

Journey to the Remainder

As soon as the mission begins, you will receive your first goal - you must go to the Abandoned Remnant. This is a huge ship that you could see when you first landed in Elaaden. You can find an abandoned northwest from the center of the planet - the exact location is marked on the map. As you approach the ship, follow the navigation point leading to the small entrance. Go through a long tunnel until you find yourself inside the giant remnant ship.

Find entry

Choosing the right path will provide sufficient cover from the fire of the remnant towers.

Once you get inside, deal with a small group of enemies. Next, pay attention to the Remnant Towers located opposite the entrance (north) - because there are so many of them that you can’t follow this path. Instead, turn right and rush under the structure that lies there - it will cover you from the turrets in the center. There are also several turrets, but they are installed individually, so it’s easy to cope with them.

Follow the path when you go to the navigation point. After a while, you should go to an open area where two groups of opponents battle: Scavengers and the Remnant. Kill them all using cover and elevation, then go to the Remnant Console that the navigation point points to.

Hack Remnant Device

The solution to the puzzle that began when interacting with the Remnant console is currently beyond your capabilities - you must scan the nearby glyph. To find it, simply activate the scanner and point it to the Remnant console - this will open the path leading to the glyph. The scanning object is located on one of the columns supporting the ceiling.

Once you scan the glyph, return to the Remnant console with a puzzle that you can now solve. In addition, you can use Decryption Bypass to solve the puzzle without playing with symbols.

Enter Balance

After solving the Remnant puzzle, follow the navigation point to enter the Abandoned Remnant. As soon as you reach the next gate, this part of the mission will be completed and another goal will appear.

Find the drive core of an abandoned ship

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