History Museum of Moscow

Arriving in the capital of Russia - Moscow, you can not visit the Historical Museum of this city. It is located at the very center of this amazing city, on Red Square. The historical museum located in Moscow has rightfully been given the name of the largest national museum in Russia. For viewing, visitors are provided with more than 4.5 million valuable exhibits. The building was erected in 1881. Emperor Alexander II took care of this construction. Today this building is under state protection as an important historical and architectural monument.
Near the museum is a monument to Zhukov. This great commander is riding a horse. It was installed in 1995 on Manezhnaya Square.
The museum is represented by halls located on the second and third floor. In total, the museum has 39 halls for visitors. The exposure begins on the second floor. Here the whole history of the country is presented, starting from the Stone Age and the Neolithic, and ending with the times of Peter I. There are also halls telling about the life of Ancient Russia. Here you can find many types of weapons that helped people fight foreign invaders. Also located are personal items of people of each period.
On the third floor, the exhibition continues until the beginning of the 20th century. But the history of people of the 20th century is presented in the halls of the Moscow City Council.
All halls are equipped with information boards that will help each visitor to navigate in such a huge exhibition. Interactive screens are used to view the most fragile exhibits. In addition to unique antiquities, the museum has about 15 million documents of historical significance. To use them in some funds there are special reading rooms.
The administration of the museum conducts not only standard excursions. Interactive classes with schoolchildren are organized here. Several historical, archaeological, historical and artistic circles work under the guidance of museum workers. Theatrical performances are regularly organized for children.
The Moscow Historical Museum has several branches that are located away from the main building:
• Pokrovsky Cathedral.
• Chambers in Zaryadye, which are located on Varvarka.
• Exhibition complex on Revolution Square.
• Novodevichy Convent. best online slots canada

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