Aqua: Naval Warfare: Friv Game Overview

After passing Naval Warfare you are confused for a while. You don’t understand how you can’t tell anything about a game that is capable of holding (albeit for a short time) you behind the screen, you just have to leave it. The reason is that it is obvious that the typical arcade gameplay. For projects of this genre, such a "diagnosis" is not a vice at all. You study them with excitement, you easily go through it, and when the discussion begins, you get lost, reducing the whole conversation to a primitive description: “Well, this is ... there, in short, there is such a boat, and it shoots. Everything is so fast, fun, fashionable, youth . And “pimple-pimple!”, Yes. ”

What attracts you today to a budget game that has no expensive videos or, say, Stephen Fry, along withSamuel Jackson on voice acting? A catchy visual style, innovative gameplay concept. What does Naval Warfare have ? Only the first. Just a little bit. Play online games on the friv games site with the whole family. Only the best online friv games are presented on this mega portal.

The developers themselves (by the way, these are the Slovaks from Games Distillery ) call the style of their brainchild “industrial-Victorian”. Ships, shipyards and submarines reminded us of the works of Jules Verne .

The problem with the lack of CGI clips has been elegantly resolved. They were replaced by stylized pencil paintings, almost animated (why almost - understand, once having seen one of them) screensavers. It looks stylish and gives the feeling that you are considering illustrations from some old shabby book about sea adventures.

The interface seems to be laced with BioShock ... It seems that even some sounds are similar ... You wonder why we started to describe such technical issues here? Well, very simple. The two paragraphs above are all the most unusual that Naval Warfare has . After all, if you put out the false art deco and black and white comics, the arcade will remain primitive in its structure, which will have about the same personality and style as a roadside eatery, which produces tea in bags and plastic cups with a suspicious smell as standard hot dog.

We steer one of three tiny (in the sense of the camera is raised high up) ships. Clamped mouse button. Keyboard control We kill everything that moves and is set against us. We are sailing for some water. No burdensome reflections on the personal problems of the protagonist and similar nonsense for naive "smarties" who are looking for meaning in Naval Warfare . Only the clamped "trigger" and the path to the next checkpoint.

All three vessels have fundamentally different characteristics. Need to get away quickly? To do this, there is a boat - poorly armed, but yurt. In contrast to the small boat, there is a heavy ship with a more serious gun, but with less maneuverability. The last option is a cruiser. It is like a compromise, something in between.

Standard upgrades are hung on the boats, which are scattered around the boxes. Weapons are also familiar: machine guns, flamethrowers, machine guns and rocket launchers. In addition, reinforcements can also be called up. True, they destroy it quickly.

With missions came out a little more original. Relatively interesting missions are encountered with the defense of a friendly cruiser, the elimination of a giant turret, and the search for rockets for the local counterpart of Baikonur. The measured swimming is diluted by the search for secrets and collecting mines, with which you can then strew the paths for retreat.

Naval Warfare suffers from the classic ten-bucks minor-game syndrome. She quickly fizzles out.

Another problem is the complete absence of at least some kind of freedom, and hence the variability in the passage. The developers seem to mock us and very rarely let us choose the same unfortunate boat. Almost always this particular vessel is issued, the only way is outlined - and forward. There is little joy.

About the lack of emotions, we spoke not in vain. That's all Naval Warfare passed, and to squeeze out something enthusiastic (or not) is not possible at all. Arcade, okay. With good dynamics and an average picture. You can shoot. The ship is floating there. And "pimple-pimple!". You cannot rob caravans. As the donkey Eeyore from the Soviet cartoon said, a heartbreaking sight.

Pros: good dynamics of fights; tolerable graphics for the arcade.
Cons: A classic mid-arcade problem - it bores too quickly.

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