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Nobody much likes Mondays, right?  Well, not most people anyway.

Here’s three little things from the internet that might entertain or interest you, to compensate for the fact that the next weekend is once again as far away as it’s ever going to get.

First, an audio short storyBullet in the Brain is by Tobias Wolff, and was published in The New Yorker.  In this podcast right here, it’s read and discussed.  It’s by some distance my favourite story out of those I listened to when going through my ‘listen to all The New Yorker‘s story podcasts’ phase a year or two ago.  Beautifully written, terrifically clever, yet really quite short and simple.  In fact, I might have to go listen to it again myself once I’m done with this post …

Second, a tumblr that made me smileDiana Prince’s Diary is a masterful little bit of whimsy.  Diana Prince is, for anyone who doesn’t know, Wonder Woman’s identity in mundane society.  Bridget Jones’ Diary is, for anyone who doesn’t know … well, everyone knows what Bridget Jones’ Diary is, right?  So, this tumblr is a melding of the two: Wonder Woman’s diary in the pitch-perfect tone and style of Bridget Jones.  V. funny.

And third, participatory democracy at its very best.  The Whitehouse has an official online petition system, whereby if enough people (currently 25,000) sign a petition the authorities are required to give a formal considered response to the request their citizens are making.  So, at the time of writing, just over 23,000 more signatures are required to force the US Government to reveal its position on the proposal to ‘Establish a new legal system of motorcycle-riding ‘Judges’ who serve as police, judge, jury and executioner all in one’.  Sounds like a plausible idea to me, though I can foresee one or two pitfalls.  Come to think of it, it sounds like a vaguely familiar idea …  Splendid.

(the Diana Prince tumblr via Comics Beat, the Judge Dredd petition via Bleeding Cool)

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