Knights of Royal England

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The Weather Gods have smiled upon us of late.  Or they’ve been trying to cook us in our own skins.  One or the other.  Either way: sunny; hot.

Hence, outings have been made.  Stuff has been done, under the sun.

One such bit of stuff was a Knights’ Tourney at Linlithgow Palace.  That, I’m afraid, means I have photos (not very good ones, me being me, but never mind that).

It’s a fine setting for a joust:

And the knights looked the part. Mostly, anyway; they would insist on taking their helmets off, which kind of diminished the effect if you ask me. I suspect it was an audience identification thing, much like that which requires Spider-Man and Iron Man to continuously unmask in their movies, whether it makes sense or not. Equally possible, I suppose, is that on such a hot day their skulls would be broiled if they stayed helmeted.

Anyhow, they charged at each other, as expected:

and managed to hit something more often than not.

And, though you’ll probably struggle to make it out in this photo, they caught rings chucked into the air on the end of their lances. Which was nice.

All in all, a pleasant time, so well done Weather Gods, well done Linlithgow Palace, well done Knights of Royal England.

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