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Hi.  My name is Brian and I’m … still here.  Blogging break over, back to business.  Starting with a quick update on various book-related matters.

My copies of the French edition of Winterbirth Un Hiver de Sang – arrived in the mail not so long ago, and they are really rather lovely.  A very nice, chunky edition by Eclipse.  Good job.

Because I have nothing better to do with my time, and am easily interested by things others would not expend any mental energy upon, I note something that’s been on my mind ever since the first translations of my books started to appear: UK and Dutch books generally seem to have the title running vertically down the spine so that you read from top to bottom; German and French have the title running up the spine.  It always looks odd to me, whenever I notice it.  Just what you’re used to, I guess.

And while we’re on the subject of translations, thanks to Martin for sending me the Czech cover to Fall of Thanes recently.  Fantom continue their tradition of using gorgeous, if rather unrelated, art to cover my books!

And on the Edinburgh Dead front, what news to report?  Well, there’s an August publication date on both sides of the Atlantic.  Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be glad to finally see this one hit the shelves.  The proofs – the final pre-printing paperwork that lets you see how the whole text is going to look once bound in book form – have been cluttering up my desk for a while now, so here, by way of tiny teaser is a snapshot (very poor quality, for which apologies; I hope your eyes are up to the task) of the quote that prefaces the book:

‘dens and holes to which the Genius of Iniquity has fled, and become envenomed with newer and more malignant inspirations.’  That’s good stuff, that is.  Mr. Thomas Ireland Jnr had a way with sensationalist words.

Feels surprisingly satisfying to be blogging again, so you can expect to hear quite a bit more from me in the coming weeks.  Coming this Friday:  the return of Moving Pictures on a Friday.  I know.  How exciting is that?  Be still your beating heart and all that.

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Welcome to 2011, everybody.  Let’s hope it brings us all at least some of what we want and hope for.

I make an appearance in the French blogosphere this week, with something called a Chinese Portrait over at the Eclipse blog.  They’re publishing the French edition of Winterbirth, and the Chinese Portrait thing is not something I’d come across before but it’s a fun little exercise in coy authorial self-definition.  For those not fluent in the French language, I thought I’d put the English version up here, so that others can see what I think of myself.  So here we go:

If you were a quality, what would you be?


If you were a flaw?


If you were a work of art?

A painting by Monet – probably one of the haystacks

If you were a sound?

Running water – a small stream, not some great raging torrent

If you were a song/music?

Hello Darkness My Old Friend, by Simon and Garfunkel

If you were a word?


If you were a book?

War and Peace

If you were a motto/a quotation?

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you have seriously underestimated the gravity of the situation

If you were a movie?

The Godfather

If you were a time period?

Late 19th century: Victorian Britain

If you were a personage of fiction?


If you were an animal?


If you were a mythological being or supernatural creature?

A Hobbit – one of the hobbits who stays at home in the Shire, rather than going off on adventures

So there you are.  My Chinese Portrait.  Revealing or not; you decide.