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It’s been a long time since I paraded my podcast addiction publicly here, so just a quick note to flag up the fact that one of the best interview/conversation podcasts out there, The Nerdist, has been on a crazy roll the last few weeks.  Geek icon after geek icon has shown up, with extended discussion about all manner of interesting stuff.  If you’re into movies, TV, superheroes, that kind of stuff, this makes for very fun listening.  Just to mention the most obviously high profile ones:

Kevin Feige, boss man of Marvel Studios.

Tom Hiddleston, he of Loki fame.

Clark Gregg, he of Agent Coulson, Agents of Shield fame.

Harrison Ford, he of just plain old fame.

Daniel Radcliffe, he of Potter fame.

Tom Hanks, he of the biggest fame of the lot of them.

Stan Lee, he of … well, he’s Stan the Man, isn’t he?

And that’s a small fraction of the recentish interviews.  I’ve left out a whole heap of musicians, comedians, TV folks etc.  Almost without exception these end up being relaxed, informal, extended conversations that go places no by-the-numbers publicity interview would ever reach.  You’re very unlikely to go wrong, just picking some that sound interesting and giving them a listen.

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