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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Musical Fantasy for You

Over at his Debatable Spaces blog the very nice sf author Philip Palmer has a weekly feature inviting fellow spec fic writers to showcase music with a science fictional or fantastical vibe. My turn this week, and you can see my choice here. You might want to browse around a bit while you're there. Lots of diverse and interesting content on his blog.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Proclaimers Day

I went to a musical this week. This is, to say the least, not something that happens very often. You could count the number of musicals I've seen in a theatre on the fingers of one hand; a hand that's suffered some unfortunate partial de-fingering accident, come to that. So what came over me?

Short answer is that this isn't just any musical, it's a particularly Scottish one - an Edinburgh one, in fact. It's called Sunshine on Leith, and is based on the music of Edinburgh's best known pop exports The Proclaimers. (Actually, to be precise they're Leith's best known pop exports: Leith is a formerly separate town that got absorbed into Edinburgh over time and became the city's docks area, but has always had its own distinctive character.)

Now the musical was quite good fun - especially for a Christmas crowd many of whom had stopped off for a wee drink or several on their way to the theatre. More specifically, though, it reminded me how much I like some of The Proclaimers' songs. So I decided to declare (or should that be proclaim?) today to be Proclaimers Day on the blog. Look away now if you dislike simple but catchy Scottish pop tunes.

First off, anyone who knows anything about The Proclaimers will know exactly which song inevitably forms the climax to the musical. And unsurprisingly, as show-ending songs go, this one gets quite a response from a thousand or more mildly intoxicated Edinburgh folk who've been waiting for it to turn up for a couple of hours:

I don't know what proportion of the audience had actually come up from Leith to see the show, but some sure had. So the song that gave the show its name also went down quite well:

And what I think is probably the song with the best (if not always the easiest to actually hear) lyrics - at least if you're Scottish or descended from those who were part of the great Scottish diaspora:

And thus ends Proclaimers Day.

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