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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring Clean for a Website

Is Spring Clean one word, two words, or hyphenated? Unsure, and can't be bothered to check, so apologies to any grammar/spelling police if I'm doing it all wrong.

Anyway, however the phrase (word?) is properly formulated, the website's had a bit of a one. Most of the changes are so minor as to be of no interest to any but the most dedicated of website-watchers, but I'll point to one or two that might be of interest:

Bloodheir now has its own page in the Books section, so publication must be drawing near. Well, three months isn't exactly near, but neither is it far. As can be seen there (and all around the site, including in the banner up at the top), the final cover image has been settled upon, and I'm pleased with it. I think it's the best variant of the (extremely good) illustration that's previously been on show here and elsewhere, and complements Winterbirth's cover beautifully.

For Winterbirth cover completists, incidentally - and I know I'm probably the only one on the entire planet who actually falls into that category (but I'm allowed, right?) - the latest version of the cover for the US mass market paperback, due out in a couple of months, can be seen here, in the right side bar. Big black band. Striking, no?

And there's a new map in the Gazetteer. Specifically, the one that will be appearing in Bloodheir. (And yes, anyone who's been prowling the Winterbirth page on Facebook will already have seen it, so you don't need to go look again. Unless you want to, in which case feel free.)

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stuff in the Gazetteer

Appearing on the Gazetteer page today: some brief info on Orlane Kingbinder, who is discussed in very disapproving terms by several characters in Winterbirth.


Friday, August 24, 2007

The Welcome Message

It occurred to me there might be one or two new visitors to the site, what with UK paperback and imminent US publication of Winterbirth. Also, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, this blog is now syndicated on, so maybe some folk will stumble across it over there (waves to anyone who happens to be reading it over there!). All in all, I thought a little welcome and orientation might be in order, so this is it. Hello and Welcome.

This blog is a fairly random mix of news, rambling, links to things elsewhere that I find of interest. Entirely normal bloggish stuff, in other words. I mentioned some reasons why I blog here, but if you like you can also regard it as my indirect means of answering the frequently author-targeted questions 'Where do you get your ideas from?' and 'What are your influences?'. Partial and vague answers are scattered throughout this blog, a bit like bones buried around a garden by an over-active and forgetful dog. (Do dogs actually do that outside of cartoons? I've never owned one, so I don't know whether it's a myth or not.)

There is a feed thingy, to which you might want to consider subscribing (and if you're not using those things yet, why on Earth not? I love my feeds, I do. Whoever invented RSS should get a Nobel prize, or a knighthood, or something.)

Elsewhere on the website, the Gazetteer section has some (spoiler-free) info that fills in a little of the background to events described in the books. Stuff gets added to it now and again - in fact it's just been updated with a note on the Kyrinin clans. Another new addition is something that's almost but not quite like a cover gallery: all the covers so far stuck onto Winterbirth can now be viewed on this page deep in the bowels of the website, which is also the place to go for anyone who's curious about non-English language editions.

Should you be yet to buy the UK paperback, and be tempted by the thought of a signed copy (or a signed copy of the UK hardback, which is still available and might actually be of more interest to those of you who like signatures on their books), see here for details.

Oh, and interviews with me have been sprouting across the internet like an infestation of pernicious mushrooms recently. Should you not yet be sick of the sight of me rambling on, there's one here: part one and part two, and another one here.

And that was the Welcome Message. Consider yourself welcomed, and thanks for listening.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gazetteer Again

Been a while since we had any Gazetteer action around here, so ... The story of Harigaig and Dunkane gets kind of summarized in Winterbirth. Here's a different telling of it - an older and longer version.

There's been some minor housekeeping done on the Links page, too. There are now signposts to the Orbit website and to My Elves Are Different, both fine and pleasant destinations.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Gazetteering Again

As if by magic (by webguy, actually, but as we know, any sufficiently advanced piece of technology is indistinguishable from magic, and the webguy's a pretty damn advanced piece of technology), new stuff has appeared on the Gazetteer page: some notes on the Masterless Men of the Godless World.

A couple of additions to the Links page, as well: Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, for reviews, interviews and free books. The Genre Files, a blog from a chap with multiple involvements in the UK sf/f scene (including being the very webguy mentioned above).

And just because I like the photo: that's a hell of a lot of calamari.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

300 plus More Odds & Ends

The prologue of Winterbirth borrows from a famous bit of ancient Greek history, which is also the subject of what for some people is probably the most eagerly-awaited movie in a while. I imagine most folk who are into this kind of thing will already have seen this, but just in case anyone's missed it ... [wait, wait, health warning first: you should probably steer clear of the upcoming link if you're allergic to testosterone] ... here's where to find the trailer for 300.

It's indisputable evidence of Hollywood's ability to make carnage look eye-wateringly cool these days, and of the extent to which comics have got their hooks into the movie industry in the last decade or so. There's an interesting frame-by-frame comparison of the movie and the source comic here. I never actually read the original, but it's evident that just as with the last adaptation of his work - Sin City - Frank Miller's vision is going to make it onto the silver screen in a pretty undiluted form.

One last addition to the Gazetteer for 2006: a little snippet of lore about the absent Gods, with the catchy title 'The Sevenfold Catechism'.

And as it's the time of year for looking back, I was amongst a whole heap of people who contributed to a big 'Best of 2006' thing for the Forbidden Planet blog. One of those exercises where as soon as you've sent it off you think 'damn. forgot such-and-such, should've mentioned that.' As I didn't have anything sensible to say about comics, I arbitrarily invented my own category of 'Favourite YouTube video of 2006', and nominated this: OK GO - Here it Goes Again.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yet More Gazetteering

A slightly more detailed version of the timeline that's in the back of Winterbirth is now available in the Gazetteer. I'm not sure whether or not this new version will appear in the second book of the trilogy, but for now at least, it's an internet exclusive.

And look - I made it onto someone's list of recommended Christmas presents for the reader(s) in your life. I hope you'll all be bearing that in mind while you're doing the Xmas shopping ...


Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Gazetteering

A bit of background info on the Inkallim, a group with a key role in the story of Winterbirth, has been added to the Gazetteer page.

And, in other news, this guy likes Winterbirth. Which is nice.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006


We (that's me and my esteemed webguy) have added a new section to the website, called 'Gazetteer'. It's a cupboard into which we'll cram various odds and ends relating to the Godless World trilogy. To start things off, there are the maps that appear in Winterbirth and a little background info on the Five Races of the world. More stuff will follow in due course. You can check it out here.