The Sevenfold Catechism

An anonymous note appended to a copy of ‘Tales of the Anain’, by Arvent of Dun Aygll, found in Highfast:

There are still in existence some few texts from the Second Age of the world. The parchments upon which they were originally scribed have long passed to dust and oblivion, but over the centuries secret hands have copied and re-copied the words – even those in languages now forgotten – that they may travel down to us through the years.

These texts from the distant past are kept far from the light of day and the scrutiny of curious eyes, for there is no longer a place for them in this godless world. Some lie hidden in vaults on Il Van Daren, others, I have heard, are sequestered in a plain-looking house in old Dun Aygll. The greatest store, by rumour’s testimony at least, resides in Adravane where to look upon it is death. And if you would give credence to whispers, there are, even here in the libraries of Highfast, some relics of the days when there were still Gods watching over us.

I have seen one such fragment; I will record neither where nor when. It is a priestly text, and was known as the Sevenfold Catechism:

– Who made the Huanin?

– The Gatekeeper.

– Who the Kyrinin?

– The Walking God, who is also the The God Who Laughed.

– Who the Saolin?

– She who is the Light.

– And the Whreinin?

– The Wildling, who is also The Hunter and The Spear.

– Why did he make the wolfenkind?

– To plague the world, for his heart is wild and hollow.

– Who made the Anain?

– The Mother, who is The Goddess.

– And who waits for all?

– The Raven. Who is Death. He waits.

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