The Five Races of the Godless World

The One Race was destroyed by the Gods at the end of the First Age. In its place, the Gods made five races to inhabit the world.

Huanin: Humankind, most numerous of all the races, and known as one of the Tainted Races for their part in triggering the departure of the Gods at the end of the Second Age. There are many wild tribes and scattered towns and villages, but early in the second millennium of the Third Age power resides in four great dominions: the Adravane Kingship, the Dornach Kingship, the True Bloods (also known as the Haig Bloods) and the Bloods of the Black Road (also known as the Gyre Bloods).

Kyrinin: A people of the forests, mountains and distant plains, similar in form to humans. The second of the Tainted Races. They live in clans, each named for a totemic animal. Huanin and Kyrinin fought one another in the War of the Tainted, which began in the 775th year of the Third Age, and ever since most encounters between the two races have revolved around bloodshed. Amongst the Bloods, Kyrinin are disparagingly called woodwights by many humans.

Saolin: A rare, secretive race of remote coasts and islands. Seldom seen by humans, they are shapechangers who can adopt the form of seal or horse. Amongst the few places where they may – occasionally – be found in the second millennium of the Third Age are the Bone Isles of the Dornach Kingship, the Free Coast on the Bay of Gold, and the wild shores where the great forests of Din Sive run down to the sea.

Anain: Most potent of all the races, the Anain are the thoughts of the green world. They have no settled form and dwell as much in the Shared as in the physical world. They forced an end to the War of the Tainted – for reasons that remain their own – by raising the immense forest known as the Deep Rove from out of the earth. Their capacities are vast but seldom displayed. Some Kyrinin clans in the north revere them; most humans have almost forgotten them as anything other than legends.

Whreinin: The wolfenkind. The Whreinin were a cruel and cunning race of shapechangers. The Huanin and Kyrinin hunted them to extinction at the end of the world’s Second Age. This was the act it is said led the Gods to despair and to depart the world.

Na’kyrim: Not a true race, the Na’kyrim are the infertile halfbreed offspring of Huanin and Kyrinin parents. Their mixed heritage bestows upon some of them the ability to access the Shared, a source of power and knowledge that is closed to their pure-blooded parents. In days gone by – especially during the Second Age, but also to a lesser extent in the early part of the Third – Na’kyrim were numerous and wielded great influence; now they are few and widely feared and shunned.

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