Fall of Thanes

Fall of Thanes by Brian Ruckley, UK / AUS paperback Fall of Thanes by Brian Ruckley, US paperback

About the Book:

Tension between the clans of the Black Road and the True Bloods is mounting, as each side in the conflict becomes ever more riven by internal dissent and disunity. And Aeglyss the na’kyrim continues to spread chaos in the world, exerting a dangerous, insidious influence over events both near and far.

As events mount to a climax, the world will change and no side can anticipate the twisted pattern of what lies ahead.

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UK Paperback | ISBN: 9781841494418 | RRP: £7.99
US Paperback | ISBN: 9780316068086 | RRP: US$7.99 / C$9.99
AUS Paperback | ISBN: 9781841494418 | RRP: A$22.99

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  • Fall of Thanes was for me a strong conclusion to a very enjoyable trilogy, a sequence of books that embodies everything I enjoy about traditional epic fantasy, and I look forward to seeing what Brian Ruckley does next.” ~ Simon Appleby for Bookgeeks.co.uk
  • “Ruckley is once again to be commended for his worldbuilding and poetic writing. His battle scenes can only be described as bone-crunchingly cinematic.” ~ The Road Not Taken
  • “Ruckley continues to write a good narrative that is dark and compelling. It is in no sense a traditional fantasy, and it reads more like a historical novel of the Dark Ages than any fantasy. This series is a good introduction to fantasy for those who dislike the traditional Tolkien tropes, and is a true dark epic fantasy.” ~ John Ottinger III for GraspingForTheWind.com
  • “From the first steps taken in my journey through The Godless World trilogy and until the last step of that journey, I loved Brian Ruckley’s series.” ~ Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews
  • “Brian Ruckley has a deft hand in telling the story that he wants to tell. The major questions are answered, and the plots and subplots are all resolved, if not how we may necessarily like them…” ~ Donald Jacob Uitvlugt for fantasy-magazine.com

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