Bloodheir by Brian Ruckley, UK / AUS paperback Bloodheir by Brian Ruckley, US paperback

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As ever greater battles are fought between the Black Road and the True Bloods, so each side in the conflict becomes ever more riven by internal dissent and disunity. Amidst the mounting chaos, Aeglyss the na’kyrim gradually masters the remarkable powers that have been unleashed upon him by his crucifixion. Twisting everything and everyone around him to serve his own mad desires, he begins to exert a dangerous, insidious influence over the course of events both near and far.

Orisian, lord of the ruined Lannis Blood, faces not only the consequences of that malign influence, but also the machinations of his supposed allies and the stirring of the long-dormant Anain, the most potent race the world has ever known.

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UK Paperback | ISBN: 9781841494395 | RRP: £7.99
US Paperback | ISBN: 9780316068079 | RRP: US$7.99 / C$9.50
AUS Paperback | ISBN: 9781841494395 | RRP: A$22.99

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  • “As far as I’m concerned, ‘epic fantasy’ isn’t all that epic if there isn’t at least one major battle. Ruckley puts the ‘epic’ into his work with some particularly brutal affairs where no expense is spared in showing the reader exactly what is going on. More please!” ~ Graeme’s Fantasy Book Reviews
  • Bloodheir has much to recommend it – as a fantasy, and as a gritty epic with lots of battles and sword-fights.” ~ Simon Appleby for
  • “Ruckley takes up the threads from the end of Winterbirth and brings us successfully through the difficulties of a second volume … those who enjoyed Winterbirth should feel that the ante has been upped and that the forthcoming volume will be a must-read.” ~ Joey O’Donnell for

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