The Godless World

The Godless World trilogy is epic, heroic fantasy set in a world abandoned by its gods long ago. It tells of the resurgence of an old, unresolved conflict – the struggle between the True Bloods and the Black Road – and what happens when, amidst the renewal of that savage contest, another threat begins to emerge, one greater and darker than any the world has seen in centuries.  As characters, both human and inhuman, on both sides of the struggle are caught up in events that spin further and further beyond their control, and their world begins to slip into bloody chaos, all must decide where their loyalties truly lie, and what price they are willing to pay to stay true to them.

Further information on each book in the trilogy, including extracts, can be found on the relevant page: Winterbirth, Bloodheir and Fall of Thanes.

You can also see maps and read background information on the world and its inhabitants in the Godless World Gazetteer.

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