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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Happens Next ...

So, this blog is about to go into hopefully very brief hibernation. Blogger, in their wisdom (I'm not sure wisdom is quite the right word, but they've evidently got their reasons and I guess they're entitled to do what they want with their own product) are switching off their support for the particular means of blog publishing upon which this here site relies. Thus, even if I wanted to, as of May 1st, no further posts will be possible. Tragic, I'm sure you'll agree.

On the plus side, we've known about the impending shutdown for a while, and its provided the impetus for some long-discussed and hopefully thoroughly positive changes to So we (we is me and my invaluable Orbit web guru, by the way) will, with any luck, be bringing you a nice new website very soon. Thank you and good night.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kind of Quiet Round Here, Huh?

Well, yes. Three weeks since the last post, and even longer since the rest of the site got refreshed (the links page is in need of some serious housekeeping, for instance) and I'm sure ... well, I guess maybe there's someone somewhere who noticed, and maybe cared just a little bit.

But there is a reason - aka an excuse. (Aside from me being busy writing and stuff, obviously, which is my standard justification for anything and everything I don't do). Significant changes are in the pipeline for, so I figured I'd hold off until v2.0 emerges. So it's good news, really: a brand spanking new is en route! But the pipeline in which it currently resides has been of slightly indeterminate length, hence the drop-off in activity while those involved awaited a measuring tape. I can now report that the end of said pipe is within sight and my virtual facelift will occur in the not too distant future (which is still not exactly a precise prediction, I know, but we're talking weeks rather than months, assuming no disastrous interventions by the gods of chance).

So things will remain subdued around these parts until then.

In the meantime, look: pretty picture. Specifically, the cover to the recently released Czech edition of Bloodheir (thanks to Martin for sending me the image).

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