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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Spin of the Interview-Go-Round

I've been interviewed over at the Grasping for the Wind blog. Includes some mutterings about free will and prophecy in fantasy, an explanation of why Taim Narran is one of my favourite characters in the trilogy, and some vague hints about what's to come in Bloodheir.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Now That's What I Call a Castle ...

Everybody likes a good castle, right? Sure they do. Not very long ago, a Winterbirth reader mentioned in an e-mail that Bamburgh Castle was worth a visit should I ever be in the relevant part of the world (that being Northumberland). Sure enough, a week or so ago I was in the vicinity, and dutifully paid a visit. Glad I did, because it turns out Bamburgh is pretty much as amazingly castley as a castle can get:

A seriously spectacular place, so thanks for the tip, Graham. And the castleish pleasures of Northumberland don't end there. Oh no. The place is stuffed with them; almost over-flowing. A couple of others encountered while wandering around were Warkworth ...

... and Lindisfarne:

All inspirational fodder for your average fantasy author. Especially Lindisfarne: I was really taken with this tiny little castle (it's more of a psuedo-fortified house really, but never mind) sitting on a steep mound overlooking vast open stretches of mudflats and sea. A little bit of imagination - mentally airbrushing out the milling tourists, mostly - and it's easy to envisage howling raiders spilling out from their beached ships, surging up the track that spirals up the mound, beating at the gates and walls. Not sure I can fit the scene into the Godless World trilogy - I've pretty much used up my castle quota - but one day, in some other text, maybe ...

Given how well this one worked out, future tips from readers about inspirational places to visit will be carefully noted and filed away for future reference.