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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Two little snippets of book-related news.

Snippet the First. After much umming and ahhing and scratching of head, Book Two in the Godless World trilogy has finally got a definite title: Bloodheir. Took longer to settle on a name than it did to write the damn thing ... Amazon is still calling it Winterbirth v.2 (EDIT: actually, today they're calling it Bloodheir: v.2, which is nearly right), but trust me, it's Bloodheir. Looks like it should be in UK bookshops early April 2008. Before anyone asks, no I don't know what its US or Australian publication dates will be - will try to find out at some point and report back.

Snippet the Second. Another translation deal has been done for Winterbirth - Greece, this time. News of these overseas deals comes out of the blue to me, since other people are doing the hard work of trying to make them happen, so each one is an unexpected little nugget of pleasure.

And finally, an update on DARPA's project to create hybrid insects that I mentioned a post or two back. The Times has details on the plan: cyborg moths! You couldn't make this stuff up. Well, you could, but only if you're an sf writer.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Isle of May

A visit to one of Scotland's lesser-known gems: The Isle of May. Sea air. Ruins. Lighthouses. Puffins. Thousands and thousands of puffins. More puffins than you could eat in a whole lifetime, even if you really liked the taste of puffin.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Oddz n Endz

1. Should you happen to be a US resident over the age of 18, you might want to enter the competition Orbit US are running: win a book a month for a year.

2. DARPA is the 'way out there' research body for the US military, busily pushing the boundaries of the plausible and practical in search of cutting edge military technology. Their website sometimes has some interesting little nuggets of info, but this one fell into the category of 'read it twice to make sure you got the right end of the stick': DARPA seeks innovative proposals to develop technology to create insect-hybrids, possibly enabled by intimately integrating microsystems within insects, during their early stages of metamorphosis.

3. Tintin Movie! Cool.

4. My main conclusions from watching the film below, showing the evacuation of one of those new superjumbo thingies Airbus is building: (a) an ability to put the fear of God into your passengers is evidently part of the job description for the stewardesses, and (b) if you're old, infirm or disabled, I don't much fancy your chances ...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dutch, by Another Name

Behold, the cover of the Dutch edition of Winterbirth, which I'm liking. The bilingual amongst you (which in the UK would be precious few, in Holland - as far as I can tell - pretty much everybody), will notice that it's not actually called Winterbirth. A name change was recommended for the Dutch market, which was fine by me. As a result, it turns out that I've written a book called (in that one corner of the world) Swords of Honour. Last I heard, it's published next month.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Writers Without Bite

The event on May 12th has been cancelled, alas. At least now I won't have to fret about what to read, I suppose ...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

More Info on Biting Writers

A few more snippets of info about the event me and Alan Campbell and Deborah J Miller are doing on Saturday May 12th: 'Dark Fantasies', part of the Writers With Bite series of events.

The exact location is 'The Celtic Lodge' in Brodie's Close just off Edinburgh's High Street. Starts 7.30pm, should all be comfortably done and dusted by 9.30. Apparently, tickets will be for sale on the door on the night, and I'm told that ticket-holders are entitled to a 50% discount on one of Edinburgh's famous/infamous ghost tours. Bargain! How can you resist?

We'll be reading stuff, of course, but there might well be a certain amount of mingling, Q&Aing, perhaps even signing going on too ... Being new to this kind of thing, I'm still not absolutely sure what to read. At the moment I'm inclining towards reading a little from Winterbirth and then something from Book 2. Since it's meant to be a 'dark' event, it's safe to assume that whatever extracts I end up choosing, they'll involve some form of violence, bloodshed and/or general gruesomeness.

Further info available by calling 0131 225 9044 or e-mailing info(at)blackhart(dot)uk(dot)com