The Frosts Have Come

The weather’s given us an occasional glorious Edinburgh day in the last week or so.  If, at least, there’s a certain kind of weather you like (as I do).

Pristine blue skies, still air that’s clear and sharp enough to make you feel you might see forever.

These are the small gifts Nature gives us hereabouts to compensate for the less than delightful weather that often also shows up at this time of year (rain, gales, cloud, that kind of Autumnal thing). That’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

The days are beautiful, but their mornings are made more so by the magic that Nature weaves at night. I’ve been seeing stars of late, more often than is usually the case, and that means clear, cold nights. And those nights mean morning frost, of course, which delivers tiny, tiny wonders. Little paintings and sculptures that are things of beauty when you get close. Cue an outing at the weekend, getting close.

When the frost gets to the grass, it does pretty things:

But when it gets something more basic to work with, in a nicely sheltered and shaded corner, it drapes whole coats of frost hair over surfaces:

Or encrusts fallen trees with thousands of ramifying crystals:

It’s all free, this stuff. The most delicate and infinitely varied of shows put on for us. All we have to do is wrap up warm and go look for it. Which I’m more than happy to do, but maybe not again for a few days. It’s c-c-c-cold out there …

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