Writing-Related Words of Wisdom From a Tea Towel

I was given a tea towel today.  It’s adorned with 13 bits of ‘honest advice’ for the aspiring author.  It was given as a joke, rather than a serious gift – I don’t think I’m believed to be in urgent need of the advice in question – but as well as being quite smile-inducing, it does contain several nuggets of basic wisdom that really would be quite handy for aspiring writers to embrace, if they haven’t already done so.  Such as:

  • You may break any rules but you will only break them beautifully if you understand them fully.
  • Write the first draft with your heart and the second draft with your head.
  • Rubbish is published because it sells.  Stop moaning; focus on your writing.  Publishing is a business, so deal with it.
  • You only need two out of talent, luck and determination.  Some manage only with luck.  Real writers aim for the other two.
  • Of course your mother loves your book: she’s your mother.

All true, more or less*.

The tea towel, and the advice thereupon, is the creation of Nicola Morgan.

*I confess, I don’t think my mother loves any of my books.  Not really her kind of thing.  But that’s fine; she loves me, after all. And my father does quite like at least some of them, I think, so there you are.

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