Seth Godin Says Print Books Are Dying (But Here’s The Proof I’m Writing One Anyway)

If The Godin says it, it must be true, right? Well, could be. His is one of three posts linked to from this round-up, all of which are worth a read and all of which, I think, are fundamentally saying not so much that books are dying, as that the infrastructure and systems in place to publish, distribute and sell them as physical objects are dying, or at the very least heading towards a radically different and very probably much diminished future.  Which seems kind of plausible, if nothing else.  Difficult to be confident that the ink-and-paper book business faces anything other than ‘interesting times’.

Despite that, I’m evidently still writing books.  I know this because look: someone’s somehow got their hands on a book cover.  And discovered an Amazon UK link.  Cool.

Hold your horses, though.  I can certainly vouch for the fact that my novel The Free should indeed be published next year, because I’m in the late stages of battering it into publication-ready form at this very moment  (I was until I broke off to write this post, anyway).  That cover, though?  If you’d read the book, you’d know that the ‘Cover Not Final’ tag appearing on the artwork is … well, highly likely to be accurate.  That rather fine image of knightly chaps looking mean and moody is kind of cool, but it’s not what you’d call a ruthlessly accurate representation of the text.

Mean and moody’s fair enough, mind you, so who knows what’ll be adorning the book when it does eventually hit the shelves next year?  Anyway, I’m aware I’ve not said much about my writing endeavours here of late, but with The Free nearing something that approximates to a presentable state, that’ll be changing a bit.  I’ve got some stuff to say about the perils and pleasures of rewriting and revising, I think, which’ll be along in due course …

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  1. john gwynne’s avatar

    Excited at the mention of a new book from you – loved the Godless World trilogy, and also the Edinburgh Dead. Need more info! Please.

  2. Brian’s avatar

    It’s a secret. If I told you, I’d have to … oh, no. Wait. I am allowed to tell you, just a little bit. In fact, here’s some more info right here.

  3. Armand’s avatar

    Hi Brian

    Just wondering, I see that The Free is listed for April publication in the US ( Hacehette website). But October in the UK. What will it be? Is April possible?

  4. Brian’s avatar

    Wow – you’ve got eagle eyes, Armand. I can’t be absolutely 100% certain, but I’d be fairly confident that the April publication listing you mention is just something that hasn’t been updated. As far as I know (and it has to be said, authors are not always completely well-informed about these things), it’ll be published at the same time on both sides of the Atlantic, and that time will be in Autumn 2014.

  5. Armand’s avatar

    Thanks Brian. Wish it would be out earlier but will be getting it regardless.

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