WWII, In Your Ears and In Your Eyes

A quick post, prompted by my (very belated) discovery of a blog I really like, which connects to a podcast I also like to jointly deliver a World War II theme.

The blog first: World War II Today is one of those brilliant ideas that only the internet, and blog architecture in particular, makes possible. A day by day chronicle of WWII, presented in a ‘today, 70 years ago’ format with oodles of attention to detail and professionalism. Very cool. Obviously works best if you put it into your rss feed or some other subscription-like service, so you get a daily update. I love both the idea and its implementation. It’s a really remarkable achievement, I think.

The podcast second: The History of WWII Podcast is a staggering undertaking. A biweekly, or thereabouts, podcast delivering an enormously detailed narrative of … well, pretty much everything that happened during WWII. It melts my brain even to consider the amount of time and effort that’s going into this. I don’t even know how long it’s already been running for (I assume years), but it’s on episode 83 or so, and has reached early 1941. Japan and Russia and the US aren’t even really involved yet. This one could run and run. The early episodes are a little bit rough around the edges, but as time goes on they become more and more polished and well-narrated.

If, like me, you like your history, especially with a military flavour, these two are gems. That is all.

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