Equipment Malfunction And Patent Trolls Are Trying To Take My Podcasts Away!

It’s been a rough week or two for your local podcast addict (that’s me).

First, my venerable, cheap little mp3 player reached the end of its useful life. It did so in small increments, over a month or so, but finally started doing so many unpredictable and unhelpful things that I was functionally unable to listen to podcasts. This, it turns out, is not a state of affairs I am comfortable with. I got antsy and agitated. I cursed the poor little mp3 player every time it didn’t work as it should. I got angry with it, which is a frankly pathetic and humiliating state for a grown man to get into with a tiny bit of tech kit that lets him listen to stuff.

Finally, I panicked. Yes, panicked. I entered some weird kind of dissociative state in which the absolute number one priority in my life was to get hold of a new mp3 player. Not in a day or two – which would have allowed me to pick and choose and assess options carefully and buy it online – no, I had to have it immediately. So I went to a shop and bought the cheapest one they had in stock. End result: I can listen to podcasts again, but I’m doing so on a little piece of junk player that’s completely inappropriate for the job and I’m going to have to buy a properly selected new one very, very soon.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m not sure precisely what it is so I’ve clearly failed to learn it.  So it goes.

And now, it turns out a patent troll is attempting to destroy podcasting entirely.  You have got to be kidding.  Except not: there really is a company out there (called Personal Audio) claiming it holds a patent for basically the entire concept of podcasting – not the technology or precise methodology or any particular techniques involved, you understand, the concept – and that everyone everywhere should therefore stop doing it or pay them a fee.

This is a ridiculous idea, if you ask me.  With due apologies to any US visitors, I’ve got to say that the US patent and legal systems are not, however, exactly renowned for their unfailing opposition to that which initially appears ridiculous, so the whole thing’s got serious enough that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is now involved, with a (hopefully hyperbolically titled) Save Podcasting Campaign.

Patent trolls are not good or helpful in any area of endeavour, if you ask me (which nobody did, obviously).  Patent trolls who go after something to which I’m very obviously hopelessly addicted (see above) feel like they’ve personally and vindictively researched my interests and drawn up a business plan, the main objective of which is making my life that little bit less enjoyable.  Boo hiss, I say.  If it looks like the evil troll is getting anywhere, I may even have to go so far as to donate money to the knights in shining armour trying to slay it …

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