MPoaF: The Centrifuge Brain Project

Time for some Moving Pictures on a Friday, I think.

Here’s a nice little film from Till Nowak, exploring the unrecognised potential of fairground rides as mind-liberating machines.

For maximum enjoyment, go fullscreen. Kind of like life, really.

The Centrifuge Brain Project from Till Nowak on Vimeo.

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  1. John D.’s avatar

    OMG, this is so awesome. Great find! Must share. 🙂

  2. Todd A.’s avatar

    A bit of pseudo-science gibberish but very well done and would I ever love to be able to ride some of those things. Wow. Great video and thanks for sharing it with us Brian!

  3. Brian’s avatar

    I’m often surprised at the amount of time and effort that goes into some of the short films you find floating around the web these days. This one’s a properly polished little piece of work, for sure. As for the rides themselves – I’m not big on stomach-churning amusement rides, so some of these look pretty indistinguishable from torture devices to me …

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