What I’ve Not Been Doing For The Last Few Weeks

Well, what I’ve not been doing is kind of self-evident really. I’ve not been posting here. I’ve also not been twittering, or showing my face on the Godless World Facebook page, or really doing much of anything on t’internet. This, by all commonly accepted rules, makes me a bad blogger, a bad writer, probably a bad person for all I know. I’ve allowed my internet profile to slump into near invisibility. Shocking. Will my career – nay, my very life – survive? Who knows.

But boy, was it nice. It felt quiet. Restful. I didn’t actually mean to take such a sabbatical – initially, I just had rather a lot of stuff going on that needed my attention (we’ll get to some of that stuff, the stuff I have been doing the last few weeks, in future posts perhaps) – but the longer it went on, the more staying off the internet became an objective in itself. It became a pleasant habit, which I was disinclined to break.

As best as I can tell, the pleasure came from being reminded that I don’t actually have to do this stuff. It’s not that I dislike paddling around on the web, occupying bandwidth with my witterings. I’d hardly be back here posting if I really didn’t like it. It’s just nice to have a break, and to rid your mind for a little while of those nagging and ultimately pointless questions: ‘What should I blog about? Surely there’s something Twitter really needs to know knocking around in my head, isn’t there?’ Life, after all, does not in fact reside online. It pretty much all happens, all of it that matters anyway, offline.

Anyway, the sabbatical’s over for now. I will be paying attention once more to the world of Twitter. There will be more posts showing up here. The first of which will, I expect, be my reaction to Man of Steel, since I’m going to see that this weekend. So that’s something for you to look forward to, in the first half of next week. Bet you can hardly wait.

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  1. Mihai (Dark Wolf)’s avatar

    When it is possible, I enjoy the time off the Internet too. And quite a lot. But I also have to admit that I do need the online connection too, despite the moments of aimless browsing. Fortunately those are very few and far in between and I use the Internet constructively, after all its main feature is the easy access to information. Especially when it comes to my hobbies. But I believe that we need to find a balance in doing things, both online and offline. Excess can’t be a good thing on either way and if these breaks can only be beneficial when one enjoy them in the fullest. 🙂

  2. Brian’s avatar

    Was it Epicurus whose philosophy boiled down to ‘all things in moderation’? Good notion, whoever it was. Just nice to take a little step back now again, have a little rest. Freshens you up.

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