Easter in Edinburgh …

… looked like this for me:

And since it’s a reasonable time of year for a bit of reflection, here’s a piece I discovered the other day that I reckon is rather well-written, and although it might not be the kind of challenge to our habits and behaviour and priorities that I guess Easter is really meant to be, it’s certainly a challenge.

Not saying whether I agree with some or all of it or not, just that it’s good to read something now and again that makes you think, and this made me think if nothing else: David Cain of Raptitude.com on the subject How To Make Trillions of Dollars. Actually, all of Raptitude.com is nothing if not interesting, provocative and well-written, and it has a handy Best Of page if you want to explore it further. I think it makes really quite appropriate Easter reading, in many ways.

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