Comics I’ve Been Talking About At SF Signal

Belatedly realised it’s been something close to an eternity since I offered an update here on what I’ve been talking about in my comics column over at SF Signal (though I can’t resist mentioning that if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be more up to date).  So, since last we spoke of it:

I talked about the spectacularly good sf/fantasy epic-in-the-making Saga,

then I talked about the crazy, inspired mad scientist romp that is The Manhattan Projects,

then I talked about the Hellboy-related magnum opus B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs.

All are speculative fiction of a pretty high order, and well worth a try even if you’re not a regular comics reader.  Especially Saga, which is not only immensely accessible but I predict is going to be drowning in awards in coming months.

As ever, the full extent of my comics-related rambling is preserved for (inflicted upon?) posterity in the Words and Pictures archive over there.

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