MPoaF: Wind Power

Amazing what a dose of obsession and some money can achieve.

A couple of weeks ago, the Sailrocket 2 became the fastest sailboat in history.  This very nice clip shows it covering a nautical mile faster than anything powered by nothing more than the wind has ever done before.  Average speed: 55.3 knots, which is 63.6 mph or just over 102 kmh.  So they’re going faster, on water and under just sail power, than I’m allowed to drive on any road except a motorway in the UK.  And their peak speed during the run?  Almost 65 knots.  74mph, 120 kph.  Which is faster than I’m allowed to go even on a motorway.

As I said: amazing what people can do.  Kind of pointless on one level; full of point on another.

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