Short Story Ahead, Approaching at Lightspeed

I have a short story en route, for your reading pleasure (should you so desire).  It’s called Beyond the Reach of His Gods, and it first appeared in the anthology Rage of the Behemoth.  Now, I’m pleased to say, it’s going to be appearing in the jolly good Lightspeed magazine, an online publication from one of speculative fiction’s leading anthologists, John Joseph Adams.

It’ll be available for free online reading in a couple of weeks (and you can be sure I’ll be pointing noisily in that direction when the moment comes), but for those who want to get it, seven other stories that are at least as good (and quite possibly better), plus some exclusive digital-only goodies, in a convenient package without having to wait, you can buy an epub of the whole lot right now for a measly $3.99.  (You can actually get even better value digital subscriptions to Lightspeed for your preferred e-reading device, e.g. here for US Kindle users).

What is Beyond the Reach of His Gods about, I hear you ask?  No, really, I heard you ask.  Don’t look at me like that.

It’s about an exiled warrior taking his longship up a jungle river and encountering something way, way out of his league.  It’s relatively straightforward, uncomplicated heroic fantasy intended to entertain in the (approximate) style of the Old Masters of that form.  I predict that if you like Conan, you might like this.  No refunds will be issued should that prediction prove unfounded, however.

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