Something I Meant to Say Yesterday: Congratulations to SF Signal

When talking about my SF Signal column yesterday, there was something I meant to say.  And didn’t, because I’m a forgetful fool.

It was this: congratulations to the SF Signal crew for their recent triumph in the Hugo Awards.  They won the coveted Hugo rocketship for Best Fanzine.  That’s quite a big deal, and having had just the tiniest glimpse of the effort that goes into making SF Signal run I think it’s deserved.

My column there post-dates the period for which SF Signal won its award, so it’s absolutely nothing to do with me.  I just thought I’d take this chance to encourage anyone who’s not a follower of SF Signal to go check it out.  It’s a lively, diverse and voluminous stream of conent, most of it produced by fans for fans, and judging by its new status as ‘Hugo Award Winner’ it’s doing something right.  The daily SF Tidbits posts alone are well worth the price of admission (which is zero, of course, making the whole thing even better value).

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    Thanks, Brian! 🙂

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