Still Talking About Comics

It’s been a while since I mentioned here, on this bloggy thing, that when I want to mention comics I generally go elsewhere.  Specifically, I go to SF Signal and my Words and Pictures column there.

It’s been such a big while since it mentioned it, in fact, that in the intervening period four columns have emerged.  Several of them are – unusually for me – actually about superheroes, which a lot folk seem to assume comics are always about anyway:

Gotham Central and All-Star Superman (recentish high points in the comics careers of Batman and Superman)

Walking Dead (not about superheroes, that one, as you probably guessed)

Demon Knights (sort of a superhero comic, but really it’s a heroic/epic fantasy riffing on The Magnificent Seven)

Catwoman (who’s technically a supervillian, I suppose.  But not really.)

As ever, these and all previous instalments are available in the vault-like Words and Pictures archive.

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