While I Remember: Signed Books For Sale

Have meant to post this a couple of times in the last month or two – first when I ran a signed book giveaway on Winterbirth’s Facebook page, and then two or three weeks back when I stopped in to sign a book – but keep forgetting.  Now I’ve remembered, and seems wise to strike while the iron’s hot, since sure as sure is sure I’ll forget again if I don’t.

So: a reminder, for those who care about such things (including those who missed out in the aforementioned Facebook giveaway), that you can purchase signed copies of any of my books – the paperbacks, at least; I think hardbacks are no longer available – from the jolly good Transreal Fiction, Edinburgh’s premier specialist sf bookshop.

The cost is cover price plus post and packing, and in addition to a signature, you can get a personalised dedication, date, whatever you like really.  Full details are on the relevant bit of the Transreal website.

End Public Service Announcement.

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