Rock Art For The 21st Century

Discovered a new place not so long ago, which if you’re me is an exciting moment.  An abandoned stone quarry, hidden away in the woods, the kind of place that would have seemed like another, secret world to me when I was a kid (and still does, just a little bit, to the kid still residing in my aged frame).

The route in was landmarked with signs of abandonment …

… and behind the screening trees was a little wonderland of tracks, boulders, scrub and wildflowers. My kind of place. It was pointed out to me at the time that I only liked it so much because there was no one else there, and that’s at least part true. It’s nice to share the experience of Nature with others, but let’s be honest: the whole Nature thing works best, and does its most powerful things to the imagination, when it’s just you and the place.

But, high up on one of the cliff faces …

… signs of human presence. A marking of territory.

Not the sort of thing I’d generally be pleased to see, but it felt oddly appropriate in that place. The whole site was a human artifact, after all, surrendered back to Nature. And those markings on the rock looked kind of fittingly wild, primitive in that context. They’d been put where people would see them. Tribal insignia, almost. I confess: I kind of liked them.

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