I Have A Question …

… but it’s a rather dull, housekeeping kind of question, which is why I didn’t reveal it in the post title but went with a tantalising come-on instead.

Anyway, the question is this: does anyone else out there sometimes – not infrequently, in fact – have trouble getting this here website/blog to load in their browser?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting intermittent delays in loading the page that are sufficiently long that the browser (two different broswers, in fact) gives up in disgust and just hits me with an error message.  Sometimes repeatedly.  Can’t figure out whether it’s my software, my internet connection or the website and its servers themselves.

I would really, really appreciate it if anyone who’s got any difficulties to report lets me know, either in comments or by e-mail.  Would help considerably in either figuring out what the problem is, or (if no one’s got any problems but me) resigning myself to individual frustration.


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  1. John D.’s avatar

    This probably doesn’t help, but, it seems to load OK for me right now…but then I do most of my reading through RSS feeds.

  2. Tommy Boy’s avatar


    here’s what I do in similar situations:

    1) try accessing the website from 2nd computer inside your network.

    if that’s ok:
    2a) clear out internet caches (I use ccleaner utility for that new-car smell)

    3a) find IP address of your website (www.brianruckley.com is

    open up a DOS box (Run->cmd.exe)

    Run these commands, and note the differences.
    ping http://www.brianruckley.com


    They send test packets across the internet to your website. The IP number is your physical server and those results represent the sonar-style “distance” to your website from your location.

    The name “www.brianruckley.com” is an abstraction and is stored in DNS tables worldwide matching the name with the IP number. If your results for these 2 pings differ significantly, your problem is DNS configuration.

    Buzz me for more if needed or for a personal consultation!


  3. Brendon’s avatar

    I used to have that problem with my WordPress site. Turns out it was WordPress going over the PHP memory limit for the hosting company. It only got resolved because out of the blue the hosting company quadrupled the memory available.

  4. Brian’s avatar

    Thanks for the feedback, peeps. Further investigation clearly required.

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