News Epilogue! In Which I Talk (Literally, Audibly) About Names

There’s a non-trivial chance I’m going to regret this tomorrow, but hey ho, off we go. I spoke, the machine recorded it, so I might as well post it up here.

At the foot of this post you will find something in the region of eight minutes in which I read out, and talk about, a few of the character names from the Godless World trilogy. Listen in wonder to the secret origin of ‘Orisian’, and the mental hiccup that allowed me to name a character ‘Wagon’.

I should point out that, naturally, I sound nothing remotely like this inside my own head. As my personal experience of the world is the only one that really counts, I would like to assure you that I do not in fact sound anything like this recording would appear to suggest. I sound much, much better. You’ll just have to imagine it.

I believe that if you click on the link below, a window’s likely to pop up from which I address you. Alternatively, I believe that if you right click and do the ‘save link (or target or whatever) as …’ thing you can download the mp3 for more convenient listening. The file’s c. 1.9MB.

Enjoy, or not. Feel free to let me know if the former, and to keep it to yourself if the latter. Further audio files may, or may not, ensue if there’s any interest. I promise nothing, and rule nothing out.

Godless World Commentary by Brian Ruckley – Names

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