News Epilogue! Giving Away Signed Books on Facebook

In not-News, but vaguely News-related, News I’m celebrating the little burst of News last week by giving away signed books this week.

The action is over on the Winterbirth Facebook page, so if you’re a Facebooker head on over there and leave a comment on the relevant post (it should be obvious, since it’s titled SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY! or something similar) to be in with a chance of getting your hands on your choice of signed book what I wrote.

And as previously mentioned, I’m still thinking of having one more News Epilogue this week, in the form of an audio file of me talking.  I realise this will fill precisely no one with feverish anticipation, but as an unashamed podcast junkie it tickles my fancy to put my own horrible voice out there, in however modest a form.  So at some point in the next day or two, that may well show up here.

That’s all.  Au revoir!

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