News! In Which I Make My TV Debut

So, I know I suggested yesterday that you might all be blessed today with the sound of me talking at you out of your computer/mp3 player, but it’s not to be. Not today, anyway. At least, not in the form I suggested. The debut of an audio file here on the blog is delayed in favour of … my TV debut. I know, I know: just when you thought you’d made a lucky escape …

What happened, in short form, is that Saint Bryan (fine, fine name, don’t you think?), a reporter for a Seattle-based NBC affiliate station, was over in Edinburgh for a Pixar PR blitz about Brave. He was casting about for other interesting mini-stories he could put together quickly, stumbled across my blog, and e-mailed me. The result is … well, you can see for yourself. Sorry about the advert at the start, by the way; can’t get around it, but it’s very brief.

If there’s one thing more destructive of one’s happily delusional self-image than hearing your own recorded voice played back, I can confirm that it’s seeing and hearing your recorded self played back. However, it was quite good fun doing the taping. Unbelieveably, staggeringly easy to get TV broadcast-quality pictures these days; seriously, this was just two guys wandering round graveyards with mikes pinned to chests and a tiny hand-held camera. Amazing.

Also amazing it wasn’t pouring with rain, the way this summer’s been going so far, but never mind that …

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  1. Alan’s avatar

    Cool…..but you might’ve taken him to one side and told him how to pronounce Edinboro properly

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    Ha! Yes … Funny thing is – and this is maybe revealing a bit too much of how these things get made – I’m not sure he ever actually said ‘Edinboro’ in my presence. All the bits where he says it, I think he recorded on his own.

    Mind you, I don’t know whether I’d have said anything anyway. Wouldn’t it seem a bit chippy? And if he was pronouncing it the way we do, maybe all his viewers back home in Seattle would be squinting at the TV wondering where he was talking about …

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