News! In Which We Talk Film Options

So, as promised in the last post, we’re going to have a bit of news and stuff this week.

Of which the first item is: The Godless World trilogy got optioned for film/TV development a little while ago.  That’s nice, don’t you think?

Not nice because I assume it means we’ll ever actually see Orisian, Aeglyss and co. marching across our screens – going from selling an option to any moving pictures actually getting made is a gigantic, probability-defying leap – but nice in that someone liked the books enough, and saw enough filmic potential in them, to put a little bit (and it really is a little bit, at this stage) of their money into buying the right to talk to other folks about it.  That’s all an option really means: the author rents out, for a limited time, the right to explore possibilities for film/TV adaptation.

So I won’t be drinking champagne from gold-plated glasses or anything, but it’s a pleasant vote of confidence in the books.  And I can amuse myself by wondering what Daniel Craig’s filming schedule looks like a few years hence.  As also mentioned in the last post, he’s the man to play Adam Quire in any adaptation of The Edinburgh Dead, but I’m sure he could do a fine job of Taim Narran in Winterbirth, too.

An interesting incidental consequence of selling the film rights: I was asked to send off a recording of me reading out some character names from Winterbirth, so that everyone was clear on the pronunciation.  The names, and the naming conventions attached to them, in The Godless World have drawn the odd bit of not entirely positive comment from readers over the years.  In hindsight, I can see why, although I’m still kind of attached to the choices I made.

Anyway, sitting there reading out a few names inspired me to test the audio waters a bit further, so I’m thinking I might try to put together a brief little mp3 of me talking about/reading out the character names in the trilogy for posting here on the website.  It’ll be dreadful, quite possibly, as I’m no great reader-out-loud and I don’t have decent equipment for the job, but I’m curious to see what’s possible with the limited material to hand (i.e. me and a tablet’s in-built microphone) so prepare yourself for the possibility – and it’s no more than that at this stage – that tomorrow’s exciting instalment in the ongoing saga that is News Week will be … me talking.  Oh dear.

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  1. Angharad’s avatar

    Oooooooh yeah!! Exciting news!! 🙂 So very pleased for you (and us) – and I’ve every faith someone we’ll be seeing Taim Narran on the Big Screen in the years to come. Daniel Craig sounds gooooood – woohooo! :)))))

  2. Angharad’s avatar

    gah – Omit ‘someone’ from the above comment – should have read *I’ve every faith we’ll be seeing Taim Narran on the Big Screen* – sorry 🙂

  3. Mihai A.’s avatar

    Congratulations, Brian! Excellent news! And I hope that the option turns into a movie, or movies, really soon. It would be very interesting to see how the novels would look on the screen. Although I rarely am thrilled by a movie adaptation of the books I love I am still interested to see how they look like.

  4. Brian’s avatar

    Thanks, Angharad and Mihai. Nice news indeed. Funnily enough – and taking for granted the fact that I really, really don’t expect anything to come of this in the long run, just because it’s so very, very rare for things like this to actually bear fruit – I kind of think a TV series might work better than a movie adaptation. But then, these days I kind of think TV series work better than movies in most cases, most genres and most circumstances. A sad comment on how limited movie-making has become, in some respects.

  5. Anonymous’s avatar

    Totally agree 🙂 Three seasons please! Best of luck to you Brian 🙂

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