Advance Notice: News Week

Next week will be quite busy here: a few items of news, info, announcements etc.  Not earth-shaking stuff – I’ve not discovered the Fountain of Youth, or decided to launch a Kickstarter for my plan to visit Mars in a rowboat or anything – but nonetheless interesting and fun (according to my definitions of interesting and fun, which are the only ones that really count around here after all).

To celebrate ‘news week’, I’m inclined to give away a couple of signed books on Facebook, so consider this advance notice that if you’re a Facebooker and haven’t yet committed yourself to Likehood on the Winterbirth page over there, now’s the moment to do so to be in with a chance of signed bookage.

And since this is Friday, and I’ve got a habit of putting up clips on a Friday, and the above is a kind of a trailer – bear with me, I’m sure I can squeeze a segue out of this stone if you give me long enough – how about a real trailer?

Not a great deal to go on, I know, but gives me some mild optimism that the franchise just might manage to get back on the rails after the mis-step that was Quantum of Solace (a mis-step compared to the jolly good fun Casino Royale, anyway). As both I and a few readers agree, Daniel Craig is the man to play Adam Quire should The Edinburgh Dead ever make it to the big screen, so I do like to keep tabs on his career.

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