MPoaF: Light

Light has been much on my mind recently, as the year climbs slowly out of the gloom and grey of Winter and into the sunlight of Spring/Summer. Every year, during the six months of short days, cloud, and heavy nights that constitute Oct-March hereabouts, I somehow manage to half-forget just how renewing and mood-enhancing and life-affirming the warmer, longer, gentler light of Summer is. Every year I’m surprised anew by its effect on me when it returns.

Thus, for no other reason than that I quite like them, two very short films that are both about Light and both about human beings and the natural, physical world. But nevertheless they’re very different. No talking, just a bit of music and some striking visuals. Spare a moment to be thankful for light, in all its infinite variety!

First, some pretty impressive time-lapse light sculpting. dENiZEN ‘Shine a Light for Nature’ by Lichtfaktor:

and second, LIGHT by Matt Kleiner:

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    Looks brilliant, thanks for sharing!

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