Announcing the Resumption of Normal Service

So, I very selfishly went on holiday. Being a world famous author (not!) I naturally have to keep these things strictly confidential to avoid the attention of the paparazzi (not!).  However, now that I’m safely returned, I can report that I had a jolly nice time.  The most dreaded question of all – actually there are lots of much worse questions to be asked, but a blog’s nothing without hyperbole – is of course: ‘Would you like to see my holiday photos?’.

Worry not, I wouldn’t dream of inflicting the horrors of holiday photos upon an unsuspecting audience such as your good selves.  Well, maybe just a few pretty textures, since it’s been a loooong time since the truly mind-boggling Ruckley gift for photography was on display here.  But first, confirmation that more sensible blog posts will ensue in the near future.  Hopefully to include some sort of update on the super secret writing project I was tinkering with during my vacationing.

And now, on with the pics!

Talk about random, lazy blogging. I blame the jetlag, myself …

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  1. Mihai A.’s avatar

    I hope you had a lovely holiday, although it was better if you said something about it, so not only paparazzi to be able to come, but also all your devoted fans. Still, I am not sure that you had an interesting holiday though since from your photos it seems that your general view was obscured by something every time ;D

  2. Brian’s avatar

    Ha Ha, Mihai. Yes, I spent the entire holiday with my face about six inches from one obscuring object or another. It did interfere with my enjoyment a bit, but I’m not the complaining sort, so I just carried on and tried to have a good time …

  3. Mihai A.’s avatar

    Nonetheless, it is good to have you back, sir! I am glad you had a wonderful vacation 🙂

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