MPoaF: Avengers, Anyone?

Been a little while since I did a Moving Pictures on a Friday post, so what about this?

Chances of this being the greatest movie ever made are pretty slim, I think it’s fair to say. But … it isn’t meant to be, and as trailers go I reckon this is kind of a masterclass. I’m not really the main target audience, though I’m certainly on the fringes of it (former comics collector, sf blockbuster fan etc.), so the good news for Marvel is this one minute clip looks pretty much like a bullseye, even to me.

What could anyone want from an Avengers movie other than snappy character interactions, spectacular action and tingly moments of superheroes doing cool and heroic things? Pretty much the best thing a trailer can ever do is say to its potential audience: ‘We know what you want and expect from this movie, and we’re going to give it to you. Big time.’

I still think cgi characters (i.e. the Hulk) are a bad idea, more often than not, but I’m willing to forgive it even that. If superhero comics were half as polished and focused about what they were trying to achieve as this trailer is, I’d read a whole lot more of them than I do …

Oh, and Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr.? Superstar.

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