New Column, New Visitors, New Links

I have a new hobby on the internet: writing a column over at SF Signal, entitled Words and Pictures, wherein I plan to talk about comics and graphic novels of a speculative fictional sort.  Do keep tabs on it if you’re remotely interested (or even if you’re not, since you never know: I might convert you into a comics reader!).

The awesome and slightly spooky power of Google Analytics tells me that there’ve been a trickle of new visitors to this site coming over from SF Signal, so I thought a quick orientation might be a good idea.  For their benefit, and that of any existing visitors who don’t know quite how rich the loot to be found by forgaing around on this here website is (I’m exaggerating, but never mind).

The Books page, unsurpisingly, will tell you about my novels (details of my limited short story output are, inexplicably, over here instead).  But there’s more!  Check out the Godless World Gazetteer for background info on the world of that trilogy, including the maps that are in the books, an expanded timeline and various little pieces of writing.

Or, if your interest tends more towards the exciting historical-crime-thriller-horror-dark fantasy end of the spectrum, a good deal of the (historically accurate!) background to The Edinburgh Dead, my most recent novel, is compiled in a handy Photo-trailer compendium.

Google Analytics also tells me not many people are visiting my page of Links.  This is sad (though I’ll get over it).  Anyway, I’ve given it a little bit of a spring-clean, pruning a bit of dead wood and planting a few new saplings, so do check it out.

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