Occupy Art

I’m somewhat sympathetic to the notions behind the Occupy movement that’s swept the globe in the last little while, though temperamentally and intellectually I have reservations about it, but this isn’t going to be about the economic and social arguments.  It’s about the art.

A recent post on The Beat pointed me towards a Guardian post that shows off some of the poster art associated with the movement, and the combination of influences makes for some very striking visuals.

Classic designs, 20th century propaganda images and comic-book stylings all get reworked into elegant, memorable forms. Like this use of the famous Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta:

or this homage to Power Rangers, or Japanese giant monster movies, or whatever it is:

or what looks like something straight from the files of some retired 1960s revolutionary:

or straightforwardly beautiful design work:

Check out the Guardian post for more examples.  Whatever you think of the movement and its demands, it’s fascinating to see such diverse and culturally-imbued art/design coming out of it.  A 20th century artform – the political/proaganda poster – brought up to date with pop culture, hash tags and web addresses.

The revolution will, of course, be televised – or at least youtubed; how could it not be, nowadays? – but it will also be accompanied by some very sharp design, apparently.

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