Couple of Quickies

Two little things to draw your attention to, if I may be so bold:

A new(ish) review of The Edinburgh Dead for your reading pleasure at The Bookbag (“As good as I found Ruckley’s fantasy writings, his crime writing is even better. A master of all trades indeed.” !)

Secondly, Speculative Horizons, the cool anthology edited by Pat St-Denis to which I contributed a fantastical story of Stone Age shamanism, has sold very respectably, and stocks are now running low.  To celebrate (and publicize, of course!), Pat’s running a giveaway where you can snag a free copy of this worthy book.

And if you don’t win, or can’t wait, you can pop over to the Subterranean Press website to order a copy, or get it from your preferred internet bookseller (e.g.), and enjoy the creative output from me, Tobias Buckell, Hal Duncan, L E Modesitt and C S Friedman.  It’s a fundraiser for cancer research as well as an enjoyable little story collection, so all in a good cause!

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